Welcome to the FieldMessenger-ProClimate web portal for project monitoring. This web portal provides near real time updates of the field situation in the DACAPI project through a direct connection with electronic tablets used by the field technicians. The information on this web portal enables project manager, project clients and other participants of the DACAPI project to verify the actual (field) status of the project and the advances being made in time.

Project objective:

The project DACAPI (“From Rice to Piura Cocoa”) is located in a region that has a history in wet rice cultivation, mainly in smallholder systems. Due to highly fluctuating international market prices for rice, rice farming has often become unprofitable and forms an insecure source of income for farmers. The climate and soil in the Piura region is however also excellent for cocoa cultivation, specifically for fine flavor criollo varieties. In fact, cocoa from Piura has been rewarded with a number of international prices for being the best cocoa in the fine flavor segment. This was the reason that 3 years ago, a start was being made to explore ways to convert rice areas to shaded cocoa systems. Not only to produce more flavorful chocolate, but also to create better working conditions for the farmers, generate higher financial returns, reducing climate impact and generate more biodiversity. A win-win proposition!

Main problems in the project area (baseline):

Rice productivity is declining due to degrading soils. Income to farmers is insecure due to this low productivity and fluctuating world market prices.

Main solutions and activities:

In year 1, beans/leguminosae and banana (4x4m so around 625/ha) are planted to restore soil structure (aeration, nitrogen content, water retention). Subsequently, shade timber trees (Cedro and Caoba) are planted (10x10m so around 100/ha), followed in a few months by cocoa plants (3x3m so around 1100/ha).

Farmer participation:

This webportal provides an overview of farmers having expressed their interest to participate in the DACAPI project. They are interested to convert (part of) their rice land to shaded cocoa. From these farmers, field data is collected on a continuous basis, which is processed directly on this webportal.

Project period:

2013 – 2018


Year: 2014
System: Rice production
Total number of producers monitored: 116
Total area monitored (HA): 293.4
Number of rice parcels measured: 168
Average Altitude (m.a.s.l.): 402

  • Last field data uploads/updates:
  • 16 February 2018

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    Interview participating farmer (2016)